Fernan Rod & Gun Club Covid-19 Facility Operation

SOP (3/31/2020)

Covid-19 and like viruses are spread by droplet infection transfer. That is, if sick and one coughs, even to some degree when covering face, the “spray”can get someone else sick if it gets on them and they then touch their face.This allows virus entry through eyes, nose, mouth. Hence if we touch a surface/item that has been contaminated and touch our face it can enter
our body that way, too.

So, maintain distance from others, washing hands, sanitizing surfaces, and
staying away from others is useful in limiting spread. This can occur even if one has no current symptoms as one may be exposed to a person with it without knowing they are sick either. If you do have any symptoms or are sick, DO NOT GET AROUND OTHER PEOPLE! STAY HOME. IF IN DOUBT, stay home.

There can be NO more than 9 people at any given shooting bay at a time.Use one concrete pad per person to maintain a greater than 6’ separation between people.

Please use the hand sanitizers and wipes, paper towels, etc., just as we do now for outhouse use. Follow Covid-19 recommendations to wash hands regularly as well as use the hand sanitizers. Until we can buy more than what is already on site, please bring your own sanitizers, soap and paper towels so that we can extend the life of what FRGC has now. Also, this further minimizes cross contamination potentials.

This is a group effort. We are all adults. In addition to what maintenance club officers can do, WE ALL must clean after ourselves, just like Pack It In, Pack It Out. Please sanitize/clean anything after you use it, unless of
course it is disposable. So, table and chairs or anything else used in the building must be wiped down after use, or, if you don’t need anything in the building, don’t go in. We suggest using gloves such as many do now for
potential splinters, when handling the target stands and bases. That also minimizes potential transfers.
We will update with any new recommendations.

FRGC BOD & Officers


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As of 3/31/2020, Entry/exit into and exit from the range is good for all types of vehicles. But be aware that due to the heavy rain and thaw, we have pot holes as is normal for our range during the winter months. Some pot holes have been filled, but many remain and we are working on getting them all filled. Just drive slowly when entering and leaving the range.