Montana Multigun and United Shooting League (UML) Three-Gun Matches at Fernan Rod and Gun Club

Three-gun matches will follow USPSA matches on Sundays. Setup is at 4:00pm the evening before each event. The only exception is May as it will be held on the 23rd for 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions About This Match

Who is the contact person for this Montana Multigun and United Multigun League (UML) Three-Gun Matches?

Montana Multigun:
Brian Partington
United Multigun League (UML) Three-Gun:
Dan Ashe

How much does it cost for the match?

Fernan Rod and Gun Club specifically allows junior shooters to shoot for free and first time competitors are free for their first match. Fees are $20 for Fernan Rod and Gun Club members and $30 for non-members for either Montana Multigun or United Shooting League (UML).

How much ammunition should I bring?

Approximately 15 hits per weapon (pistol, rifle, shotgun) on each stage and there are 4 stages. The key word is hits, accuracy or lack thereof may change that number. With the current ammunition climate, the stages will be designed with that in mind, but still challenging enough for the average shooter.

How do I get there?

Click here to get directions to Fernan Rod and Gun Club.

What safety measures do you have in place for Covid-19?

Click here for Covid-19 safety measures.

What are the range rules?

Click here to view Fernan Rod and Gun Club range rules.

When should I be there?

Match opens for registration at 8:00am with the mandatory shooters safety brief at 8:45am. First shots are usually fired by 9:00am.

What are the Three-Gun match rules for Montana Multigun and United Shooting League (UML)?

Montana Multigun match rules.

United Shooting League (UML) match rules.

How do I register and view my scores?

Click here to register online and view scores.