Members of FRGC enjoy year-round, 7am to 10pm access to our private shooting range located north of Fernan Lake. Members also enjoy the benefit of shared family access under one membership. To join, call Paul Long, the Chief Safety Officer, at 208-964-5596 and he will make arrangements to meet you at the range for your safety check, where you will complete the application and pay at that time. You can also call the club office at 208-773-3624. If no answer, leave a message and it will be forwarded to the CSO.  Also, check the club schedule for “Public Days” and you can go out to the range between 10am and 2pm, shoot for a fee and sign up to be a member.

Annual Dues: $300  (Renews every year on January 1st) Currently being prorated and are $150 till October 1st

Oct. thru Dec: $50 (for the remainder of the current year) + $300 for the upcoming year, total $350

Annual Individual or Family Membership (includes Primary member, spouse, and all children under the age of 18.) $300.00 
Five-Year Membership  $800.00
Associate Membership(For spouses that desire voting privileges) $25.00 
Life Membership (when available) $2500.00
Reserve Rifle Line, Bay-5 or Bay-7 (per day) $200.00
Reserve Bays 1-4  (per day) $100.00
 Classroom (per day)  $50.00
Building Rental (per day)  $50.00