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04/09/2024 weather is still a little chilly, remember to dress in layers and bring warm clothing. Please drive safe, always watch for pedestrians, reminder the speed limit is 10 MPH, also drive the speed limit on Fernan Lake Road (35 mph or less where posted)  Please make sure to mark your items (headphones, mags etc.) so that lost items can be easily identified and returned. If you have lost items check the lost and found inside the kitchen. Many thanks to our Rangemaster August for keeping the club house pristine and  Andy Lovett for keeping the range clean and stocked with fresh targets in the target shed.

 DO NOT SHOOT THE BARRELS!!!! and remember its a PACK IT IN PACK IT OUT range, clean up after shooting and return all items to proper location.

Have fun and remember safety is always our #1 priority!!

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